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This project is based on the poems of Emily Dickinson. Her words are as important today as the day she wrote them. They paint pictures and show how she wasn't afraid to be heard, to fulfil her purpose, despite the restrictions put on her simply because she was a woman. The determination and pain experienced from constantly being put down and put in a box is evident through her work.

Her determination to create despite everything makes her an inspiration to me, as a female photographer. Therefore, I wanted to honour her words and her art by creating images to go with her poems. All poems in this project are Emily Dickinson's, all images are mine. 

I hope you appreciate Emily's work as much as I do. 

This project is with thanks to Houghton Library, Harvard University Library, and The Emily Dickinson Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College, for their permission to use Emily Dickinson's original manuscripts within this project. 

This Was a Poet 1
This Was a Poet 2
This Was a Poet 3
Perhaps I Asked 1
Perhaps I Asked 2
Perhaps I Asked 3
Because I could not 1
Because I could not 2
Because I could not 3
I died for Beauty 1
I died for Beauty 2
I died for Beauty 3
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